Sunday, April 19, 2009

Changes in the Waters Family

Since it has been 6 months since I have posted anything on here, I felt like I needed to catch up.  Soon after I created the blog and made the first post, we found out that I was pregnant.  YAY!!  We found out the beginning of February that we were having a boy!  Along with this big news, there have been a few other changes as well.  

First picture (8 weeks)

19 weeks

We've got a boy!

To begin, in February, we bought our first home.  Because of the economy and housing market, we got a really good deal on our house.  And it came at no better time; as we start our little family.  We are pretty much all moved in, although with any home comes the never-ending "to do" list.  We have really enjoyed getting out of the apartment atmosphere and realizing the work that goes into a house (mowing the lawn, etc.).  

Our new home

Baby's Room

In March I had the opportunity to fly home to Georgia for my brother, Matthew's homecoming. Although he was serving in southern California and I live in central California, I flew across the country to see him for the first time in 2 years!   It was a lot of fun having the whole family (minus Ryan) home.  It was amazing to see the changes in my brother and the blessings he received from serving the Lord.  I am so proud of his sacrifice and am glad that he made it back safely!

Picking Matt up from the airport

The last few weeks have been busy with teaching.  We are counting down the weeks for summer vacation and the arrival of Baby Waters.  I am getting bigger by the day, but have enjoyed the kicks, punches and hiccups I feel each day from him.  I (and my back) hope these last 10 weeks go by quickly.  Luckily I only have a a few more weeks of teaching....standing all day does not help the back.  

27 weeks


  1. Aubrey! We have a blog too! I'm so excited for you to have this baby boy and congrats on the house! It looks great! (We are looking around too because the deals are really good and the 8,000 tax credit...doesn't get better! Hopefully we can find something!)

  2. Aubrey, I am a blog stalker and found your blog from Megan's. You look adorable all pregnant. I am so happy for you to be in your new house, but we miss you soooooo much!!! I hope you are enjoying your new ward. I am so excited for your new little boy to arrive this summer. Let me know about your baby shower. I have a gift for you!

  3. haha i am glad you got a kick out of my entry. I am trying to be light hearted about my new body...but it's kind of hard sometimes! Don't worry about the weight though...I gained 50 pounds, and am now paying for it. I have lost about 30 pounds...25 if it I lost within the first 3 weeks. You'll be one of those girls who is like "uhhgg, I just can't loose these last 5 punds!" haha I will post more pictures of Will soon. You need to update your blog!!