Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yes, Kolton has started figuring out how to walk. Where has the time gone? Although he is getting pretty good at it, he still would much rather crawl. Well, actually if he had his choice, he would hold onto one of my hands and walk to get around, but that gets tiring (for mommy). We go walking outside and "explore" everyday, and he absolutely loves it. I can't wait until he is able to walk around on his own and watch him explore more of the world. I say that knowing that I will probably wish I had never said that, since I will be running all over the place trying to keep up with him. But since he's crawling, he's already everywhere, so what's the difference, right?

Here's a quick video of him walking:

Like Father, Like Son

Kolton LOVES his dada. He gets SO excited when Ryan comes home, saying "dada" over and over again. It's so fun to watch him light up when Ryan walks through the door. Sometimes I wish I worked all day so that when I came home, Kolton would get that excited to see me. I guess that's what happens when he's with me all day, everyday!

There are many things that Kolton gets from Ryan. His big eyes, height, lips, funny/quirky personality, love of fruit, and dislike of cuddling :) name a few. These are all things, except for the cuddling, that I love of both of them. But recently I have realized there is one other thing that Kolton seems to be getting from his dad.....a love of video games. I know, he's only 10 months old, but anytime Ryan plays video games (which I have to admit, isn't very often), Kolton loves to be right by him, holding onto a controller himself. See for yourselves....

All I have to say is, "oh please!!" Lets just hope his love of the outdoors sticks with him when he gets older!!

Kolton also loves to be outside with his daddy when he's doing yard work. This is something both Ryan and I hope continues as he gets older so he can help with (or do) the yard work :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Soo Big

And it's true...Kolton is getting so big, so fast! It's exciting, but sad at the same time. He's no longer a little baby anymore. He's turning into a little boy. No wonder people have multiple children.

Everything is a toy in this house....

Especially if it isn't meant to be a toy. See for yourself...

Movie stand/movies (notice how empty the stand is...)

Wipes...I went to do the dishes for 2 minutes and this is what I came back to!

But look at that face...:)

Toilet paper...

Caught in the act!! :)

Feet...Yes, I know, disgusting! But Kolton LOVES trying to eat/bite my toes. If I just wiggle my toes and he sees them, he comes crawling with a huge smile on his face. Weird!

Any kind of recycling, especially empty plastic bottles.


I have come to the conclusion that Kolton doesn't need anymore toys. Obviously, based on this evidence, he can be entertained for much cheaper than I thought! :)