Sunday, August 9, 2009

A few facts about Kolton

Since Kolton is 6 weeks old, I thought I would share a few facts about him:

1) He is a grunter!!!  The first 2 weeks after he was born he rarely cried...just grunted.   At times it can be really funny and cute, but at 2:00 in the morning, it's not too funny!!

2) He LOVES ceiling fans, especially the one in our living room.  In fact, in the picture of him smiling below he is looking up at the fan.  We are still trying to teach him to smile when he sees mommy or daddy....right now he just smiles at his best friend...the fan.  One day I'll get my smile!
3) He's not a big fan of soda, which is a big bummer for me.  I'm going through withdrawals...

4) He is colic.  Because of this, Ryan and I have not eaten dinner together for the past 3 weeks.  It is the worst thing to have your child screaming and act like he's in a ton of pain and there's nothing you can do about it.  One thing he does like during his colic episodes is to sit in his bouncer on top of the dryer.
5) When Kolton was born, he had the funny ability to bend his foot to touch his shin.  It was the funniest thing ever!  You can kindof see it in this picture...

6) Kolton came out with his hand by his face and to this day he loves to sleep with his hands up by his face.  

7)  When Kolton is awake, he loves to be facing forward to look around.  This is how we walk around the house when he's awake:

8)  He's not a big fan of his swing, but hopefully one day he will enjoy it more...that will give me a little break! 

9)  He is a great baby and we are very lucky that he chose us to be his parents.  I can't believe how quickly he has already grown!!!  

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kolton James Waters

I'm finally getting around to updating the blog since Kolton was born 6 weeks ago (I know...he's already 6 weeks!) I finally feel like I'm getting more of a handle on being a mom.  So let me tell you about Kolton's appearance into this world:

On Saturday night, June 27th, Ryan and I had just gotten back from dinner and a movie.  I sat down to watch a little T.V. before I went up to bed.  About 9:45 I felt a little "pop" and felt like I had peed my pants a little.  I immediately jumped up and went to the bathroom.  I wasn't quite sure if it was my water breaking, since it wasn't a gush of water, but I knew that it wasn't "normal".  So I went upstairs and told Ryan that I thought my water broke and the look on his face was priceless.  After calling Ryan's parents and the hospital, we got ready to leave (I was literally shaking...I couldn't believe it was time).  There was just one thing left to my mom.  

My moms flight was scheduled for Wednesday, so I dreaded the phone call (I had Ryan call).  Both my mom and I were keeping our fingers crossed that Kolton would listen to us and wait until she got there (I even tried keeping my legs crossed more, but I guess the dinner and movie did it!).  So it was about 1:00 a.m. Georgia time when Ryan called my mom.  She told us she would get the first flight out that morning....but we had our doubts that she would even make it across the country in time.  

So we got to the hospital about 11:00 p.m. and got checked in.  I didn't start feeling contractions for a while, but once I felt them, I wanted the epidural!!  I got the epidural, but it didn't work right.  I got really numb in my chest and was having a hard time breathing, so they turned it off for an hour to let things settle.  After an hour, they turned it back on  (to a lower dose), but it wasn't getting rid of the pain.  They tried another kind of medicine (can't remember what it's called), which helped the pain a little, but I still felt every contraction during labor.  By the time I had Kolton, my legs were no longer numb and I had felt the worst pain in my life!  Not the way I had pictured the epidural going!!

Well, things were progressing at a good pace, but not too fast.  I was put on oxygen for awhile because Kolton's heart rate would drop really low during a contraction.  About 8:00 I was 6 cm dilated.  I was keeping my fingers crossed that my mom would make it in time (her flight got in at 11:30).  At the pace I was going, I thought she would make it.  But then they checked me about 9:00 and I was 9 1/2 cm dilated.  I broke down because I knew I was close to pushing, which meant my mom would miss it (crazy I know...who cries because their labor is almost over?? or went too quickly??).  An hour went by and then 2 hours went by and I was still at a 9 1/2.  About 11:15 they checked me and I was ready to push! 

I pushed for about an hour and 15 minutes.  And believe it or not, at about 12:20ish my mom walked through the door!!! I was sooo happy to see her, although I didn't show it much since I was in so much pain!!  Yes, she made it with only minutes to spare! (Isn't that the coolest thing?Kolton ended up listening to us and waiting until my mom was there!!) A few more pushes and 15 minutes later Kolton James was born:

12:34p.m.      7lbs. 10 ounces      20.5 inches

After much discussion on a name (we went into the hospital debating either Brayden or Aiden) we decided on Kolton.  After looking at him, we thought he needed a strong name for his strong features and thought Kolton was the name.  

He has his dads nose, lips, eye color (they are blue...yay!!), long fingers and big feet.  He has the shape of my eyes, chin, ears and eyebrows (or lack thereof when born).  He has dark hair, which we are guessing will turn blonde since Ryan and I had dark hair when we were born and are now blonde.  

We are truly blessed to have Kolton in our lives.  He makes us laugh everyday and we look forward to the laughter the rest of our lives.  We love you Kolton!!