Thursday, June 25, 2009

Any day now

So I am almost 39 weeks.  I had a doctors appointment on Tuesday where he checked my cervix.  It is not completely closed off, so the doctor guessed that I would have the baby within the next week...let's see how accurate he is!  You can guess with these things, but the baby is going to come on his terms.

I got a little nervous when the doctor made his guess because my mom isn't coming until Wednesday.  I really want and need her to be there, so I'm hoping the doctor is off just a little!!  That sounds crazy because most women at this stage of pregnancy are dying for that little one to come, and although I definitely want him to come soon, I want him to wait until my mom gets here!  So now it's just a matter of time.  I'm taking my moms advice and keeping my legs up and crossed to keep that baby in there!! Haha.  

It's pretty crazy to think that in a matter of a couple of weeks I will be holding my little boy.  It's always been something we have talked about as down the road, but it really could be any day now.  It makes me very nervous, yet excited thinking about it.  I just hope the labor and delivery go well!!  The next time I blog, I will probably be a mommy!!  How crazy!!

Here are pictures of me at 38 weeks:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

And the wait begins....

Last Wednesday was the last day of school/teaching.  Although I was very ready to be done and have a break, it was a little sad as well.  After much prayer and thought, I decided to take next year off to stay home with baby Waters.  I am very excited and blessed to be able to stay home and wouldn't want it any other way, but it was a little sad leaving the nice school I was at and the sweet class that I had.  I have a new adventure to take on, and I hope that if I could handle 30 third graders, I should be able to handle one little guy...hopefully!!  Here is a picture of my class on the last day of school...they were an awesome class!

All year long I've been focused on getting through the school year.  I'm grateful that I have worked through most of the pregnancy because it has kept me busy and active.  Now that the school year has ended, the true waiting has begun.  There are times where I love just sitting around and being lazy, and I've needed that at times, but it has been hard going from being "on the go" and teaching every day of the week to not having anything I "have" to do.  I try to keep myself busy (I have made a list of all the things I would like to get done by the time the baby gets here), and that has helped, but it hasn't made time go by very quickly.  I still have 3 more weeks and I have completed most of the things on my list.  I shouldn't complain, but this waiting game is not very fun!!  I know that I need to enjoy the time I have before the baby gets here, but can't he just come already!!  I guess one thing I need to learn is patience and this is a good way of teaching me that trait.  

Here is a picture I took today.  I'm about 37 weeks (on Saturday).  I can make it!!