Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Little Toddler

Kolton has grown up SO fast! Ever since he has started walking, he has become more of a toddler than a baby. I still call him my "baby", but every day he learns to do something new and reminds me that he is a "big boy". I love the stage that he is in now (walking, talking more and showing more personality), but it also makes me sad. I know now why women have more than one child! (But don't worry, no 2nd child for us just yet).

Kolton is almost 14 months and is definitely a chatter box. He will talk up a storm with his hand moving and finger pointing, especially if he is on some kind of "pedestal" (he has a toy that he stands on and talks away). I always wonder what he is "talking" about. He will have full on conversations with you, pausing as you talk back to him, and then continuing on. It is the cutest thing ever. Although most of his words are in gibberish, he has learned quite a few words. We have counted 22 words he can say (if he choses to). A lot of them are just part of the word or sound, but he definitely knows what he's saying. Here are the words he has said (or attempted to say):

no no
bye bye
night night
shoes (shh)
banana (nana)
dance (dan)
eyes (I)
teeth (te)
belly button (bell butt) :)
hot (ot)
Elmo (his new LOVE)

He has also gotten a lot better at understanding what we say. If I say, for example, do you want to eat, he will run to the refrigerator or pantry. If I say, lets go bye-bye, he will run to the door. If I say I have to go potty (I know...), he will run to the bathroom. And there's many more.

It's so fun to see him grow and progress. Of course, I think he's way smart! :) I am so grateful to have him as my son and that he chose me to be his mom. I hope I can give and provide him with all the love and necessities that will help him grow up to be a loving, smart and responsible man. But I hope the "man" part doesn't come too's already going way too fast!! I love him with all my heart!!

Plays hard, crashes harder

See...he used to look so small in this thing....!!

Gotta love him!

Definitely a boy!

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