Wednesday, November 4, 2009

4 Months

Kolton turned 4 months a week ago and had his check-up yesterday. Here is an update on his growth:

Weight: 15 pounds 2 ounces (50th percentile)
Height: 25 inches (50th percentile)
And they didn't do his head for some reason

So it looks like we have an middle of the pack baby. Everything else was good and he is learning and growing each day. We learn more and more about him everyday and get to see more of his personality shining though. Here are just a few of the things we have learned about Kolton:

**baths--every time I undress him to get in the bath he gets super happy and gets a big smile
on his face when I pick him up to put him in the tub. He could stay in the bath for hours!
**screaming/yelling--he likes to listen to his voice and many times, this means screaming and
yelling. Cute and funny at times...annoying at other times! :)
**his feet--he has found his feet and loves to pull his legs up and grab his toes. Usually he
screams/yells while doing this.
**his stroller and going on walks--just about everyday I take Kolton for a walk in his stroller. He is a very alert little boy and loves to just "chill" in his stroller and look around.
**drooling and spitting up---not the funnest thing!
**standing--he would much rather stand then sit.
**his mommy--I think he might be a mommas boy! :) Not that I'm trying to influence it!

**naps--we have had trouble with naps for awhile now, but he has now realized that when we walk into his room and turn off the lights, it's time for a nap, so he starts crying the minute
we walk in!
**his car seat/car--he has gotten much better within the last few weeks, and in fact, will fall
asleep in it. This is a big change from crying as soon as we left the driveway!
**loud/sudden noises or people crowding around him--Kolton is a sensitive little guy. Being
the only child in a somewhat quiet house with quiet parents, he hasn't been around loud
noises or big crowds a ton. When he is, he often makes this pouty face that is the cutest
and saddest thing or he will get scared and cry.
**being on his tummy for long--he can usually only last a couple of minutes before he starts crying. He can roll over onto his back, although it is a rare trick for him. And that won't happen if he gets upset while on his tummy.

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