Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kolton's First Halloween

This year was Kolton's first Halloween (duh...). We dressed him up as a panda. Here's the story behind our decision to make him a panda....Ryan was a panda when he was a little kid and his family always talks about the picture they have of that Halloween. There have been many laughs around that picture and of Ryan as a panda. So Jason and Tiana (my brother-in-law and sister-in-law) came across this costume before Kolton was born and had to get it for him so he could be like his daddy :) It is the cutest panda costume! It has been sitting in his closet for many months and last night he was FINALLY able to wear it!

A little blurry...he wouldn't stop moving...he was excited! :)

ALL smiles :)

So once he was ready, we took him out trick-or-treating. And let's just say that it is quite awkward and embarrassing knocking on doors and asking for candy when my child obviously cannot eat any of it!! We ended up following a few other kids so that it wouldn't be quite so weird, but that didn't really work. It was a good thing Kolton got tired after about 5 houses and didn't really care because we were happy to be done!

Ready to go home!

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